Xiaomi Mi Band 3

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  • Large OLED touchscreen
  • Up to 20-days battery life
  • Monitor heart rate continuously

Mi Band 3

Large OLED touchscreen | Up to 20-days battery life

  • View App notifications, SMS, calls & more | Swim up to 50 meters deep | Track activity in real-time |
    Locate your phone | Monitor heart rate continuously | Track steps & sleep quality

View data by simply raising your wrist

Displays WhatsApp & Instagram messages, SMS, etc.

Instant notifications

Incoming call and App
notifications at a glance[1]

Weather forecast

View weather forecast
for the next 3 days

Event & alarms

Set vibrating alarms
& get event reminders

Challenge yourself to become fitter

Real-time display of sports activity, heart rate & other data

Wear it while swimming & surfing
Water resistant up to 50 meters[2]

With a 5ATM rating, Mi Band 3 provides greater water
resistance that allows you to do more.

Monitor activity in real time
New secondary activity tracking screen[3]

Whether you're running, biking, or walking,
you can always check your heart rate and speed on the go.

Set a goal for yourself & work to achieve it

Goal reminders

  • Mi Band 3 will notifiy you upon
    reaching your target for the day.

Give it your all, then relax and recover

Idle alert

  • When you're too busy and lose track of time, the
    band will vibrate, reminding you to get up and take a walk

Track every move and get
round-the-clock health

  • Accurately monitors step count, heart rate, sleep quality & provides idle alert

Sleep better everyday

Monitor sleep quality

  • Accurately records information about your sleep quality
    every night, including data on deep and light sleep so that
    you can adjust your sleeping habits accordingly

Motivation to keep you going longer

  • Up to 20 days battery life, idle alert, activity tracking are just
    a few among the 30 features offered

password-free unlock[5]

  • When you are close to your Android smartphone,
    it unlocks instantly, no passcode or fingerprint needed.

Incoming call
display & rejection

  • The all-new Mi Band 3 displays the caller's name.
  • If you don't want to answer, press and hold to reject the call.

More accurate step counting algorithm,
Continuous heart rate monitoring

Daily step count and
heart rate monitoring[4]

  • Our upgraded step count algorithm makes sure that
    not even a single step is missed. In addition,
    the heart rate sensor can accurately read
    changes over a 24-hour period

Provides a complete range of
support to help you stay active

The all-new Mi Fit App

  • With the Mi Fit App, you can set customized daily goals
    based on your needs, choose an exercise that works for you
    and regularly check your progress, view sleep data, and much more.

Long-lasting battery
Up to 20 days battery life[7]

The capsule contains a Li-Polymer battery with high energy density.
A full charge will last up to 20 days with regular use.

Flawless design with a seamless
0.78 inch screen

  • Mi Band 3 comes with a larger & clearer OLED touch screen

The new & improved mechanism
prevents the capsule from falling[8]
Secure design

Even after more than 2,000 insertion & removal tests,
the band remains firm and solid

Soft, skin-friendly material makes it
comfortable and easy to wear[9]

Three classic strap colors
(Coming soon)

  • The strap is made of thermoplastic elastomer material that
    allows for a more comfortable fit for any wrist size



Mi Band 3 capsule 17.9 x 46.9 x 12mm
Strap Length 247mm
Adjustable strap length 155 - 216mm


Battery capacity 110mAh
Standby time approx. 20 days[1]
Battery type Li-Ion Polymer Battery
Input voltage DC 5.0V
Input current 250mA Max
Weight approx. 20g (including wristband)
Body material plastic
IP rating 5ATM[2]
Operating temperature -10℃~50℃
Screen size 0.78 Inch
Display resolution 128 x 80
Sensors 3-axis accelerometer and PPG heart rate sensor
Wireless connectivity Bluetooth 4.2 BLE
Setting requirements Phones with Bluetooth 4.0 and Android 4.4 or iOS 9.0 or higher
Models that support the unlock function models running MIUI systems on Android 4.4 or higher or other devices running Android 5.0 or higher
Wrist strap material Thermoplastic elastomer
Buckle material Aluminum alloy


  • Displays the time
  • Displays/rejects calls
  • View messages
  • Lift the wrist to view
  • Goal Reminder
  • Idle alert
  • Vibrating alarm
  • DND mode
  • Follow friends
  • Step counter
  • Phone unlock
  • Event reminders
  • Sleep monitor
  • Phone locator
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Weather forecast
  • Goal setting
  • App notifications
  • Calorie counter
  • Distance
  • Pace
  • Dual screen theme
  • View notifications
  • Timer
  • Setting display items
  • Low battery alert
  • Swim and surf
  • Smart Unlock
  • OTA update

Package List

  • 1. The data on battery life was taken from testing conducted by the laboratory using the following parameters: using factory default settings, receiving and displaying 50 messages per day, having one alarm vibrate for 5 seconds, touching the button to display the time 10 times, spending 2 minutes on other operations, checking your measured heart rate 3 times, exercising for 1 hour per week (and activating the running function to monitor heart rate in real time and turning off heart rate notifications), and opening the Mi Fit App once a day to synchronize testing for data usage methods. During actual use, factors such as settings, operations, and the usage environment will have an impact on the battery life. These factors may cause results obtained during actual use to differ from lab data.
  • 2. Data sources: IP rating of 5 ATM (equivalent to a water depth of 50 meters) is based on testing conducted by the National Quality Supervision Clock Inspection Center in accordance with GB/T 30106-2013, Report No. QT1803032. It can be worn in the shower, in the pool, or while swimming near the shore. However, it is not suitable for saunas or diving.