Xiaomi Mi Rollerball Pen

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  • Japanese quick-dry black ink
  • 9.5mm contoured grip
  • 120 degree retractable twist

Mi Rollerball Pen


  • Japanese quick-dry black ink | 9.5 mm contoured grid for superior comfort 120° retractable twist

PREMEC refills from Switzerland

High-quality ensured

  • The Swiss design adopts a high flow rate of ink to ensure smooth and clear writing. Built-in high-precision spring seal prevents the ink from drying out when the pen is not used for an extended time.
  • * Refills can be purchased separately.

Smooth, reliable and durable

  • The 0.5 mm high-precision tungsten carbide ball bead ensures clear writing and consistent lines.
  • The ball bead is hard as a diamond which make your writing smooth and fluid.

Mikuni fast-drying ink from Japan

Improve the indoor air conditions

  • The use of Japanese Mikuni liquid gel-ink ensures no spills or smudges. The ink has a rich color for an effortless, strong & consistent impression. The Mikuni ink is water-proof and fade-proof and dosen't bleed through the paper easily.

All metal precision parts; 50,000 rotation life tests

  • The rotating piece is made of copper and has passed the 50,000 rotation service life tests. Use of metal connectors & metal rotating sleeves instead of plastic parts has greatly improved the lifespan of the pen.


Product name: Mi Rollerball Pen
Material: PC + ABS
Product Dimension: 143 x 9.5mm
Net Weight: 19.8g
Writing length: ≥400m
Tip Specification: 0.5mm