Xiaomi Launch in Australia

Xiaomi Launch in Australia

PANMI announces launch of Xiaomi: world leading consumer technologies in AUSTRALIA

Broadening Xiaomi’s presence in the Oceania market

SYDNEY, March 1st 2019 – Panmi announced its partnership with technology company Xiaomi to distribute and market its highly innovative products in Australia. Well-known for its range of high-quality innovative products at incredible prices, Xiaomi is set to shake up the smartphone, Internet of Things (IoT) and lifestyle device market.

Official Mi Store in Australia

In collaboration with Xiaomi, Panmi announced that it will launch the Official Mi Store online (https://www.mi-store.com.au) and a number of Authorized Mi Stores in Australia which will host a range of exclusive Xiaomi & Mi Ecosystem products.

The authorized Mi Store provides an intimate user experience with the products, while maintaining the same price point as the online channels. Revolutionizing brick-and-mortar stores with the combination of the best in online and offline retail practices.

Mi MIX 3: Technology meets art

One of the key Xiaomi products coming to Australia is Mi MIX 3, from the award-winning Mi MIX series showcasing unprecedented full-screen display experience and world-class photography capabilities.

Along with the patented slider that incorporates meticulously calibrated neodymium magnets and configured with the flagship Qualcomm®SnapdragonTM845 platform. Mi MIX 3 will be available in Onyx Black with 6GB + 128GB for AUD$ 949.00

Mi Electric Scooter

Mi Electric Scooter has an award-winning design and is incredibly easy to master. It travels 30km on a single charge and weighs at approx. 12.2kg with an LED headlight and features such as regenerative braking. By connecting to an app, users can also use their phone as a dashboard. The Mi Electric Scooter will be available for $799.00.

Mi Band 3

Mi Band 3 has a large OLED touchscreen display in addition to a touch button for easy control. It is an all-round upgrade on Xiaomi’s wildly popular fitness tracker, complete with a more comfortable and secure wristband. The 20-day battery life and 50-meter water resistance will set itself apart. The Mi Band 3 will be available for $59.95.

Mi 20000mAh Power Bank 2C

Super-sized Mi 20000mAh Power Bank capacity with premium Li-polymer battery from reputable suppliers such as ATL and LISHEN, and energy densities up to 539Wh/L. Supports charging up to two devices at once with dual USB ports. The Mi 20000mAh Power Bank 2C will be available for $49.95.

Mi Ecosystem: Mi LED Smart Bulb

The “Mi Ecosystem” sub-brand covers a range of hundreds of products manufactured by Xiaomi’s portfolio companies on the Mi Ecosystem IoT platform that crosses 132 million connected devices, becoming the world’s largest smart hardware platform. Designed to be user-centric through mobile internet, the ecosystem creates a network of long-lasting, and stylish looking smart devices designed to make life easier.

Mi LED Smart Bulb will add colour to any room. Supporting up to 16 million colours and intelligently manage the ambience by dimming the lights or controlling the colour temperature. The Mi LED Smart Bulb will be available for $39.95.

Now available at https://www.mi-store.com.au and Mi marketplace partners:

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/xiaomi

eBay: https://www.ebay.com.au/str/miofficialstore

Stay connected with Xiaomi on Facebook to find out more details about price and availability.

About Panmi

Panmi has been established as promotional and business development partner of Xiaomi in Australia. Panmi’s vision is bringing exciting new technology with uncompromising quality and performance to Australian consumers. Helping Australians to enjoy advanced technology in their daily life.

The exclusive official distributor of Xiaomi in Australia, Panmi is dedicated to introducing Xiaomi & it's eco-partner's new generation "smart" product into Australia. Major products include Smart Home, Smart phone, Smart sports (electronic bike, electronic scooter, fitness tracker) and much more.

Panmi will revolutionise consumers’ expectations – in addition ensuring compliance with Australian Standards for all products introduced to the Australian market.

Make an appointment on https://www.facebook.com/Australia.Xiaomi/ and visit our showroom at 174 Broadway Chippendale NSW for more information.

Start your smart tomorrow today with Panmi.