Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro Free Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter

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Buy Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro and get one Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter for FREE!
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Package Includes:

Original Xiaomi Mi
Air Purifier Pro

  • OLED display | Laser particle sensor | 500m3/h particles CADR | 60m2 application area

Larger space, faster loop

  • Xiaomi M¡ Air Purifier Pro has 500m3/h particles CADR, the application area up to 60m2, equipped with OLED display and laser particle sensor, all of these function will make your life healthier.
  • 500m3/h particles CADR

  • New air pressuri-zation system

  • 35m2~60m2 application area

  • OLED display

  • APP remote control

  • High precision laser sensor

Three colors of indicator light display

  • There are green, orange and red indicator lights. It will transform colors automatically according to the change of PM2.5 concentration. While changing the level of air purifier.

60m2 application area

  • Compared with Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2, the application area of Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro is up to 60m2, to provide air purification protection for lager space.

Brightness of screen adjust automatically

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro comes with the light sensor. Before you go to sleep, the brightness of screen adjusts automatically to avoid being affected by light.

Accurate laser sensor

  • Accurate laser sensor, it can quickly eliminate dust

500m3/h particles CADR

  • Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro optimized the air pressurization system, with 500m3/h particles CADR, makes indoor air more healthy and clean.

Fine workmanship with compact style

OLED display

  • Set pm 2.5 concentration, temperature, humidity, WiFi connection and level settings in one, so you can control the indoor air quality changes at any time.

Mi home APP control

  • View the air quality number in real time; adjust the working mode; turn off or switch the operating mode automatically; temperature sensing function; timing function.

New aerodynamic system

  • The inner core consists of fan blades and ducts. Optimize the airway design, so that air pressurization becomes larger, in order to achieve adsorption of air pollution to filter.


Brand Xiaomi
Type Air Purifier pro

Other informations

CADR(Clean air delivery rate) 500m3/h
Application area 35m2~60m2
Screen OLED display
Wireless connection WIFI module 802.11b / g / n
Power 1.5~66W
Global voltages supported AC 165V-240V


  • Laser particle sensor, Light sensor, Temperature and humidity sensor


  • Automatic mode
  • Light sensor
  • OLED display
  • Sleep mode
  • Child lock
  • Favourite mode
  • Wind speed regulation


  • Android, IOS


  • 1. 500m3/h CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is higher than the international standard for measuring air purifier effectiveness. Rigorous tests are performed using dust, second-hand smoke and pollen to calculate the rate of clean air delivery per unit of time. The higher the CADR, the more effective the purifier.
  • 2. 35m2-60m2 Recommended effective area: Effective area is based on the CADR and may be affected by factors such as room height and plot ratio.
Purifier standard Effective area = CADR x (0.07-0.12)

Dimensions & Weight

Product size 735mm x 260mm x 260mm
Weight Approx.9.7kg total weight (includes filter)

Package contents

  • 1x Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro (Filter included)
  • 1x Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier HEPA Filter
  • 1x User Guide/ Warranty card
  • 1x Power cord