Xiaomi Mi Ninebot S

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MPN: QBE4014RT / QBE4015RT
  • 4x faster than walking
  • Response to the road
  • Combines safety and elegance
  • Activate with bluetooth, drive with remote control
  • 22KM of autonomy
  • Self-learning mechanism
  • Manage remotely with your smartphone
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Non-slip rubber tires
  • Aircraft quality framework
  • Available up to 15 type of security features


Physical Specifications

Power and Speed Performance

Maximum speed: Approx. 16km/h
Maximum torque: Whole scooter, 35Nm*2
Motor power: 350W x 2
Maximum instantaneous power: 2100W
Motor control method: Sinusoidal motor vector control, current + closed-loop speed control algorithm


Applicable slope: Approx. 15°
Applicable terrain: Pavement, packed dirt, slopes < 15°, obstacles < 1cm, < 3cm wide gap
Chassis height: 80mm above ground
IP rating: IP54 (Protected against limited dust ingress, can be used in the rain)

Battery and Charger

Battery structure: 30 X 18,650 high-capacity lithium battery
Typical battery range: Approx. 22km
Power rating: 70W
Nominal input voltage: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz
Nominal output voltage: Approx. 63VDC
Charge time: Approx. 4 hours
Smart BMS: Overvoltage / Undervoltage / Short circuit / Overheating protection, auto-sleep / Wake up / Detailed battery information can be found on the app
Standard power consumption: Power consumption per hundred kilometers is 1.1kWh

Brake Damping

Braking distance: 3.4m on dry surfaces
Braking method: Somatosensory, regenerative braking system
Damping mechanism: High shock absorption magnesium alloy frame + shock absorbing pads


Material: Highly elastic, magnesium alloy frame
Brake: Somatosensory, regenerative braking system, braking distance approximately 3.4m
Tires: 10.5" pneumatic, air-filled tires
Rims: 6" magnesium alloy rims

Lighting System

Each vehicle includes:
  • Ambient light sensing
  • LED headlight and tailights / Signal lights
  • Bluetooth light
  • Power indicator lights

Smart System

Smart learning capabilities: Automatically optimizes and adjusts power output, steering sensitivity, and safety parameters according to users' weight and driving habits. Security and protection features will slowly adapt to user's driving style
Smartphone app functionalities: Includes dashboard, automatically sends fault reports, acts as remote control, firmware upgrades, and other customizable settings
Smart security warning: When the vehicle is experiencing overload, power overload, overheating, reckless driving, or going through dangerous situations, a warning alert will be sent and will prompt the scooter to decelerate and head for inspection
Smart interactions: Intelligently assists, teaches, and guides beginner through a basic driving course

Rider Requirements

Beginner mode: Yes. After user has traveled for 1km, the beginner's mode will be automatically removed. Beginner's mode can be configured again using the app
Applicable age: 16 - 50 years old
Applicable height: 120-200cm
Maximum load: 85kg