Xiaomi Mi Ninebot S Plus White

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  • Reinforced magnesium alloy chassis
  • 35km long battery life
  • one-button automatic follow


Basic Information

Name: 9th Balance Car Plus
Product size: Approx. 57.7cm x 28cm x 62cm
Model number: N4M340
Product weight: Approx. 16kg
Frame material: Magnesium alloy high elasticity frame
Tire size: 11 inches
Motor size:  6 inches
Color: White

Dynamic Performance

Comfort speed:  18 km/h
Maximum torque:  37Nm x 2
Motor rated power: 400W X 2
Motor control mode: Sine wave vector, current + speed closed loop control algorithm


Maximum climbing: About 15°
Angle applicable to terrain: Hardened road surface, flat soil surface, slope below 15°, step not higher that 1cm, channel not exceeding 3cm wide, standard road speed reducer, not deeper that 2cm
Chassis height: About 90mm
Vehicle protection class:  IP54
Battery protection class:  IPX6

Energy System

Energy structure: 42 18650 high power lithium battery cells
Typical endurance: About 35km
Charger rated power: 70W
Charger rated input voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Battery charging limit voltage: 58.8VDC
Charging time: About 5.5 hours
Vehicle working temperature: -10~40°C
Vehicle storage temperature: -20~50°C
Allowable charging temperature: 0~40°C
Intelligent battery management system: Complies with the UL standard intelligent BMS (Battery Management System) with dual protection
100 kilometers of electricity consumption: 1.1kW * h


Brake distance: 4m
Braking method: Somatosensory motor energy absorption braking, energy recovery
Tire: 11-inch inflatable rubber tires with a new two-way drain groove for added slip resistance.
Tire pressure range: 45~50 Psi

Remote Control Parameter

Maximum remote control distance: 20m
Maximum remote control speed:  12km/h
Maximum following distance: 4m
Maximum following speed: 12km/h
Follow angle accuracy: Up to 5 degrees
Follow distance accuracy: Up to 10cm
Charging form: Lithium battery + USB charging
Battery capacity:  680mAh
Standby time: About three months
Work length: About 9 hours (if the remote controller frequent vibration alarm, buzzer, time is reduced)
Charging voltage: 5V
Charging time: About 3.5 hours
Working voltage: 3.35V~4.2V
Operating current: Approx. 70mA
Product size: 115 x 46 x 25mm
Product weight: About 60g

Vehicle Mode

Cycling mode: Riding vehicle
Remote control mode: Remote control vehicle
Follow mode: Vehicle intelligent follow, can only be used with remote control
PTZ camera mode: Default/Follow/Direction Lock/PTZ Front
Home mode:  In the following or other modes of the No. 9 balance car plus, pressing the home button returns the vehicle to standby
Transport mode: Lifts the vehicle directly from the foot control position. The 9th Balancer Plus automatically cuts off the power output and recovers when placed back on the ground
Boost mode: Self-balancing
Novice mode: Force the speed limit to be less than 4km/h before the activation of the Plus; after the activation, the speed limit will be less than 10km/h; after you complete the novice tutorial and the driving mileage reaches 1km, the vehicle will automatically release the speed limit, you can then re-enter the novice mode with the app
Speed limit mode:

1) APP vehicle main interface click speed limit button

2) Vehicle low battery self-protection; when the power is below a certain limit, Plus will gradually reduce the speed limit value to ensure safety. You can see more accurate remaining power and estimated mileage that can be traveled through the app

Lock mode:

1) Press the shutter button to lock the car (when the pan/tilt camera is not installed, the shutter button is set to lock and unlock the vehicle by default)

2) Click the APP "vehicle" main interface to lock the car. When the vehicle is locked and the Ninebot App is connected to the remote control, if someone touches the vehicle, the APP and the remote control will vibrate the alarm prompt (effective communication range≤20m). The car cannot be locked in the riding state, and the lock shortcut key is invalid 

Load mode:

Vehicle has a center of gravity self-adjustment function that can easily cope with load changes and quickly and automatically maintain balance

Smart System

Intelligent adaptive: Plus continues then design of the partial control algorithm of the No. 9 balance car. The user's driving data is obtained through the built-in weight sensor, angle attitude sensor, speed sensor, temperature sensor, current sensor, etc, and automatically optimized according to the intelligent adaptive algorithm. Driving control parameters allow users to get the best driving experience and safety
Vehicle Center of Gravity Adaptive System: In remote control mode, the vehicle has a center gravity self-adjustment function that can easily cope with load changes and automatically maintain balance
Mobile APP: plus has re-adjusted the new UI and interaction of the vehicle's main interface, and added functional interfaces such as follow-up, shooting, and leaderboards. At the same time, the APP also supports automatic troubleshooting, remote control driving, firmware upgrades, lighting/sound/speed settings,N circle social, clubs, online mails and more
Safety warning: Automatic buzzer alarm in case of overload, power overrun, overheating, excessive driving, slipping, etc., the car body is tilted back to prompt deceleration and check
Novice teaching interaction: Uses animated video teaching and interactive methods to intelligently assist newcomers to complete safe driving teaching, novice driving teaching, and remote control teaching basic courses

Lighting Sytem

Headlight: 3W/360lm automatic inductive glare-free design running lights, 360mm off the ground, lighting distance of about 5 meters, the ambient light dims or automatically lights up at night
Taillight: Full volor RGB taillights/brake lights/steering lights, two LED taillights default to blue, red brake lights when decelerating, and yellow turn signals indicate direction when cornering. 16 million colors can be adjusted at will, and a variety of lighting modes can be combined
Wheel ambience light: Increases nighttime driving safety and can be turned on or off via the APP. No color adjustment is possible
Bluetooth indicator: Bluetooth icon flashes, indicating that bluetooth is turned on but the phone is not connected yet; The bluetooth icon is always on, indicating that the app is connected to Plus 
Lock car indicator: Lock icon is displayed in the lock mode
Battery indicator: Represents 20% of the battery charge. When the icon flashes, it means the battery is exhausted. Please use it after charging

Audio Parameters 

Frequency response range: 10Hz~2.7kHz
Speaker size: 28mm, thickness 6.4mm
Speaker impedance:
Sensitivity: 106 ± 3dB
Format: Wav
Sample rate: 16kHz
Sample depth: 16bit
Distortion rate: 5%
Rated power: 2W
Maximum output power: 3W
Sound package:

Can download new sound package online and update them into the car via the Ninebot App


Cycling Requirements

Applicable age: 14 to 60 years old
Applicable height: 130~200cm
Maximum load:  25~100kg

Package Included

Body x1
AC power cord x1
Charging adapter x1
Remote control x1
Foot control x1
Foot control cover x1
Wrench x1
Extended nozzle x1
M5 screw x2
Remote control charging cable x1
Remote control lanyard x1
Manual, reminder card, legal statement