Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Flask

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  • Lightweight Alloy
  • 24-hour insulation
  • Stainless Steel 300ml capacity

300ml Vacuum Insulated Mug

thin & light easy to carry

  • Lightweight alloy material for the 24-hour long-lasting insulation 1316 stainless steel the 300ML capacity


thin & light easy to carry

  • The use of ultra-light ultra-thin alloy material than ordinary steel lighter, Make your travel convenient to carry

Small enough

  • girls can carry in pouch

The bottle point spray technology comfort grip Slip resistant and does not leave hand prints

  • The Cup body adopts the intelligent point of the spraying process, The overall metal texture of the Cup body, shield off the excess trim. Suitable for feel, non-slip resistant friction. No fingerprint.

24 hour long-lasting thermal insulation superior to lock your temperature

  • Through professional testing, Add 100°C hot water to a 460ml capacity sealed cup with vacuum layer and the room temperature is 20°C, after 24h, the water temperature will be higher than 40°C, Add 0°C ice-water mixture to the same cup and the room temperature is 30°C, after 24h, the water temperature will be lower than 5°C.

A selection of 316 stainless steel material Acid and alkali resistance, not easy to rust

  • 304 stainless steel mainly has acid resistance, and 316 has both acid resistance and alkali resistance. Xiaomi Portable vacuum insulation Cup adopt the industry high-quality 316 stainless steel material, the shell has a stable acid resistant Alkaline, not lure, longer life

Vacuum insulated liner Extend the holding time

  • Under vacuum conditions, the computer control to complete the extraction & welding Stainless steel vacuum vessels produced by this technique, High degree of vacuum long holding time, effective capacity.

Super Microwave liner plating

with enhanced thermal insulation cold insulation effect

  • Super Microwave liner outer side copper plating, the heat resistance of the mirror surface of the heat is reflected back inside Gall bladder to reduce heat loss, greatly enhance the thermal insulation cold insulation effect.

One-hand lid opening for convenient drinking

with anti-false lid lock design

  • can prevent error opening leaking, meet the family travel needs, in a variety of complex scenarios can be simple operation.

Ergonomic drinking outlet design Perfect fit lips

  • Ergonomic drinking design to the perfect fit lips, drinking water, reached with the lips the best fit to the touch.

Thick high-quality 360 silicone

with enhanced thermal insulation cold insulation effect

  • Sealed drip does not leak high-quality food-grade silicone ring, will not release harmful substances in high temperature not easy to aging deformation, strong sealing after 35 process improvement, up to 360˚,Sealed, drip does not leak.

8 layer precision process,

  • Quality material elaborate Eight-layer precision process,
    cengcengbaguan control,
    in order to achieve product quality assurance.


Product Name Xiaomi Viomi Portable Vacuum Insulated Flask
Capacity 300ml
Color Pearl white / incense gold / night dark night
Liner Material Selection of food contact with austenitic stainless steel
Executive Standard GB4806.9 a 2016, G cited T29606 a 2013
Product Size 58mm x 58mm x 206mm
Plastic Parts Part of the liquid contact with food grade PP material
Seals Sealed food grade silicone material
Insulation Performance Room temperature 20°C environment, load 100°C Water
Room temperature 30°C environment, load 0°C ice water mixture