Frequently Asked Questions



Where to buy Xiaomi products in Australia?

Xiaomi Australia can be found on various platforms throughout Australia to cater to your purchase experience. For an updated list on where to purchase our products, kindly refer to our Where to Buy page.


Where is Xiaomi Australia official retail store?

Xiaomi Australia currently does not have a physical retail store, however, the Xiaomi Experience Showroom is available for visits upon appointment.
Kindly contact us through our Xiaomi Australia Facebook page to make an appointment.
Xiaomi Australia Showroom: 174 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.


When is the latest Mi Phone arriving to Australia?

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Xiaomi Australia:
Website: https://www.mi-store.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Australia.Xiaomi/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xiaomi_australia/


Orders and Payments

Did not receive a confirmation email upon purchase?

In the case of failure to receive a confirmation email upon purchase on Xiaomi Australia website, kindly ensure your order payment is successful before making a report.
To make a report, kindly provide us with any related payment details and documents (eg. payment invoice) to email support@mi-store.com.au. We will assist you shortly.
For other enquiries, kindly refer to our Contact Us page.


Did not receive a tracking number?

For payment made through bank transfer, kindly allow 2-3 business days for bank payment processing. Once payment is successful, you should automatically receive a tracking number.
If you have not received a tracking number two (2) days after successful payment, kindly contact us through email at support@mi-store.com.au with subject: “#(order number) - No tracking number”. We will assist you shortly.


Shipping and Logistics

How long does it take for Xiaomi to deliver?

For orders fulfilled by Xiaomi Australia, the standard delivery time within Australia is 3-4 days upon receiving your order tracking number. 
For more information, kindly refer to our Shipping FAQ.


How do I check my delivery status?

To track your order, kindly refer to the tracking system provided by your referred courier on their respective websites. You should receive a tracking number 1-2 days upon order confirmation.
For more information, kindly refer to our Shipping FAQ.


Does Xiaomi Australia deliver to P.O boxes / parcel lockers?

Xiaomi Australia is able to deliver to P.O boxes / parcel lockers for all orders, except bulky items.
All Xiaomi Australia orders are fulfilled by Australia Post and/or Couriers Please. Kindly refer to the tracking number provided to you via email 1-2 days upon order confirmation.
For further enquiries, kindly contact us at support@mi-store.com.au. We will assist you shortly.


Order is delayed in shipping?

All orders fulfilled by Xiaomi Australia should be delivered to you within 3-4 days upon receiving your tracking number. All products sold through Xiaomi Australia are shipped via Australia Post and / or Couriers Please. You can track your order through Australia Post tracking here and through Couriers Please here.
Depending on the region of your address, the estimated delivery time can be found on our Shipping FAQ.
If your order had not reached you within the stipulated days, kindly contact the related courier service provider directly. Otherwise, contact us at support@mi-store.com.au for further assistance.


Product, Warranty and Returns

Is my item bought from Xiaomi Australia authorised store?

Your item is acknowledged as a product authorised by Xiaomi Australia through the proof of purchase provided to the order recipient.
To check whether your item is bought from Xiaomi Australia authorised store, kindly provide us the proof of purchase via email at support@mi-store.com.au if you need further assistance on warranty enquiries.


Does Xiaomi Australia provide support for Xiaomi products bought from other channels?

We do not provide warranty services or support for products bought through external channels or unauthorised resellers.
All Xiaomi Australia products are equipped with AU adaptors and are supported by Australia Warranty Standard. We advise Xiaomi users in Australia to abide to Australia safety regulations and purchase Xiaomi products through our official website or Xiaomi Australia authorised resellers.
For more information on where to buy Xiaomi products in Australia, kindly refer to our Where to Buy page.


Is there a Xiaomi repair service centre in Australia?

For mobile phone services and repairs, contact PTC by email your enquiry to info@ptc.net.au. Visit PTC website to find the closest repair center near you.
For all other technical repair enquiries, contact our Technical Team at support@mi-store.com.au.
Xiaomi Australia partners with PTC to provide Xiaomi users with the best services and support.


How do I claim warranty for my Xiaomi product?

Xiaomi Australia only provides support, service and warranty on goods purchased from Xiaomi Australia official store and local authorised resellers in Australia.
An updated list of Xiaomi Australia authorised resellers can be found on our Where to Buy page.
For warranty and returns enquiries, kindly email our RMA team at support@mi-store.com.au with attached proof of purchase, serial number and reason for return.
For other related enquiries, kindly contact support@mi-store.com.au. We will assist you shortly.
To read more on our Warranty Policy, proceed here.


How do I return my Xiaomi product?

For return enquiries, kindly email us at support@mi-store.com.au with attached proof of purchase, serial number and reason for return.
Did not find what you are looking for? Contact us at support@mi-store.com.au